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 How turn off Softaculous backup notifications globally?

 How to manage Softaculous email notifications  for Installation Emails ,Remove Installations , Edit Installations , Backup Emails etc?


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You can manage your email notification right from here :
Please login to the cPanel account
Go to Software/Services and find the option for Softaculous icon
Click on Email Settings in the Softaculous menu bar at the top of the screen
Click on the field to edit the email address used for email notifications
The following table describes the five other email notifications available through Softaculous:
Email Notification Description
Installation Emails Email contains setup details when a new software is installed using Softaculous
Remove Installations Email is sent when a software is uninstalled using Softaculous
Edit Installations An email is sent whenever the details of an installation are modified
Backup Emails An email is sent with backup details when you backup any installation with Softaculous
Clone Emails An email is sent containing installation details when you clone an installation with Softaculous
Click on the checkbox to choose the notification email you wish to enable
When you have selected the email notifications you want to use, click on Edit Email Settings, to save your selections
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