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I'm not able to update domain name lock.
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If a Pre-Release domain name is supplied by eNom, upon receipt of your auction payment the domain enters an Escrow Holding Period known as Auction Lock. This holding period lasts for approximately 45 days following the completion of the auction. During this period, the domain cannot be transferred, nor can you push the domain to another account. You can make updates to the domain, such as changing DNS, updating host records or making WHOIS changes at any time during the Auction Lock time frame. During the Escrow Holding Period, the successful bidder may use the domain name, including creating and hosting a web site. The domain will function properly. You can update the Host Records to use your hosting company nameservers, or use the eNom DNS to forward your domain to your website. Both services are free. To view the Auction Lock status, choose the menu option Domains > My Domains > choose Domain Overview from the Manage Domain drop-down list. If the domain currently has an Auction Lock applied, it will be displayed as shown below. Example: Currently in "Auction Lock" (expires: 12/16/2017 10:01:37 AM)
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