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Let’s Encrypt Only supply Domain Validated certificates. These are certificates where you only need to be able to prove domain ownership. The certificates do not include any kind of warranty over misuse or miss-issuance. The certificates currently can only be used on web-servers that can validate using the ACME protocol they use. At this time they can not issue wildcard certificates. Maximum validity 90 days. Only offer community lead support.
Commercial SSL Certificate Commercial SSL Certificates are offered by a trusted CA like Comodo etc that provide all types of SSL including Domain Validated, Organization validated, EV SSL, wildcard or multidomain SSL. You can also claim for warranty in case of misuse or databreach. They offer 24x7 online supports via email, chat or call. You can protect your large or Ecommerce Website. You can acquire this certificate for maximum 39 months; so you need not worried about renewal all time. Comes with trust seal/site seal
Let’s Encrypt Let's Encrypt is a free, automated, and open certificate authority that offer Free SSL Certificate for 90 days and then you have to renew it. Currently, it provides only domain validated SSL Certificate which is not an ideal solution for large or ecommerce website. You can secure your basic website only and if you deal with online transaction, then it’s not sufficient to protect your website. Apart from this, this certificate does not offer any warranty in case of misuse or databreach.
Commercial SSL Certificates comes up with Organization & Extended Validation which is used to secure E-commerce, Banking, Healthcare, Social-Media, etc platforms, But LetsEncrypt only supports domains validation which can only secure low level websites and domains.
Commercial SSL Certificates are highly recommended by Web security, LetsEncrypt is not recommended yet. Commercial SSL Certificates is been adopted by large number of Websites but Letsencrypt is still under growing stage. Commercial SSL increases Reputation and revenue of a Business, Letsencrypt is not available for any kinds of business as its domain validated only.


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