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UK Windows Dedicated Server hosting with 1Gbps network connectivity and Fast SSD drives, with Free Plesk
Host your Asp.Net websites on IIS web-servers, with our high-end DELL branded Windows Dedicated Servers with 100% network uptime SLA.

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Best Windows Dedicated Servers for Asp.Net in UK with FREE Plesk

Our Windows Dedicated Servers deliver excellent site performance and unparalleled scalability.

Small Servers

Enterprise Servers

Save upto 25%


£ 129

/ month

Small-Size Fully Managed Windows Plesk Server


Save 20%

£ 149

/ month

Small-Size high-resource Fully Managed Windows Plesk Server


£ 169

/ month

Medium-Size Managed Windows Dedicated Server for high-end projects.


£ 189

/ month

Medium-Size high-resource Fully Managed Windows Plesk Server


Save 20%

£ 199

/ month

Enterprise-Size high-resource Fully Managed Windows Plesk Server


£ 289

/ month

Enterprise-Size Best UK Windows server for high-end database related designing projects.

Free Windows Server Migration

Free Windows Server Migration

WebHost UK provides a professional Windows server migration service, ensuring a seamless transition to our hosting servers free of charge. Say goodbye to the frustrations of server downtime challenges and experience reliable hosting with us.

Free Plesk control panel

Free Plesk control panel

Webhostuk offers a reliable solution to enhance your Windows server management requirements. Our Plesk control panel is an expert tool that simplifies the management of your web-based Windows server with ease, security, and flexibility. With Plesk, you can have complete peace of mind whilst managing your server, knowing that any complexities are taken care of.

Free Security & DDoS Protection

Free Security & DDoS Protection

At WebHostUK, our foremost objective is to deliver seamless uptime and unparalleled server security to our esteemed clients. We take immense pride in ensuring a 99.99% uptime guarantee and offering complimentary firewall protection to all our servers. Our managed Windows Dedicated Server clients also benefit from free DDoS protection. Entrust us to maintain and protect your website’s optimal performance.

Disaster Management Paid Backups

Disaster Management Paid Backups

We offer a premium disaster management feature through Jetbackup for mission-critical servers. Customizable snapshot frequency and retention periods allow you to tailor the service to your specific requirements. This paid option guarantees robust protection for your essential data.

Fastest High-grade Hardware

Fastest High-grade Hardware

Our Windows dedicated servers are powered by state-of-the-art Dell servers featuring Intel Xeon and AMD Epyc CPUs, alongside high-speed local enterprise SSD drives that ensure lightning-fast storage. Benefit from a 30 Gbps Internet uplink and our 100% network uptime guarantee for unparalleled reliability in your business operations.

99.95% Uptime Guarantee

99.95% Uptime Guarantee

We demonstrate our commitment to quality web hosting through our guarantees, which include a Server Uptime Guarantee of 99.95% and a Network Uptime Guarantee of 100%, both of which are integral parts of our Managed Dedicated Server plans.

Why upgrade to our Best Managed Windows Dedicated Servers?

At WebHostUK.Co.UK we offer FULLY managed Microsoft Windows dedicated servers, to make your Windows dedicated server hosting experience 100% troublefree. Our highly qualified Microsoft Certified system administrators look after your Windows dedicated servers proactively, right from the initial server setup, Windows OS / software optimization and tunning, Windows updates and patches, proactive security audits, etc. Our fully managed Windows dedicated servers offer the best Windows Dedicated server performance with dedicated resources such as CPU and memory, boosting the performance for high-end applications and high traffic websites including websites designed in Asp.Net, MsSQL, ODBC etc. Our Windows Dedicated servers are best choice for Umbraco Dedicated Hosting, WordPress hosting on Windows server, ecommerce websites, high traffic forums or discussion portal etc.

Explore our amazing Windows Dedicated Servers features

WebHostUK provides superior Windows Managed Dedicated Hosting Servers that are notably potent, dependable, and secure.

Best Customer support

Customer Support & Server Management 24/7 Proactive Monitoring

Our Windows Managed Dedicated services encompass a wide array of tasks, commencing from the initial setup of the operating system to the reinforcement and safeguarding of your Windows Dedicated server. We offer round-the-clock server monitoring and prompt rebooting for your convenience. Our proactive monitoring extends to OS and Kernel upgrades, enhancements to control panels, and regular security audits to ensure proactive updates.


Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about our Managed Windows Dedicated Servers? Follow our FAQ  to know more about Super-Fast Managed Windows Dedicated Servers in UK


What is Windows Dedicated Server?

A Windows Dedicated Server is a type of dedicated server that operates exclusively on the Windows operating system. This hosting environment involves leasing an entire physical server to a single client or organization and operating it using Microsoft’s Windows Server operating system.

Key features of a Windows Dedicated Server include:

– Windows Server OS: The server runs on a version of the Windows Server operating system, which has been specifically designed for server environments. Hosting providers offer different editions like Windows Server Standard or Windows Server Datacenter depending on the client’s requirement.

– Full Control and Customization: The client has complete control of the server, allowing them to install, configure, and customize software and applications based on their specific needs. This level of control is beneficial for businesses that rely on Windows-based applications and services.

– Support for Microsoft Technologies: Windows Dedicated Servers are well-suited for applications and services that are developed using Microsoft technologies, such as .NET framework, ASP.NET, MS SQL Server, and others.

– Remote Desktop Access: Users have remote desktop access to the server, enabling them to manage the server environment as if they were physically present. This facilitates easy administration and maintenance tasks.

– Compatibility: Windows Dedicated Servers are suitable for hosting websites, applications, databases, and services that are designed to run on the Windows operating system. Compatibility with Windows-specific software is a significant advantage.

– Scalability: Depending on the hosting provider, users may have options to scale resources such as CPU, RAM, and storage to accommodate growing demands.

Businesses that depend on Windows-based applications, have specific compatibility requirements, or prefer the features and management tools provided by the Windows Server operating system may opt for a Windows Dedicated Server to meet their hosting needs.

What is the difference between Dedicated Server Vs VPS Server Vs Shared Hosting?

Dedicated Server, VPS (Virtual Private Server), and Shared Hosting are three distinct hosting solutions, that offer unique features for varying use cases. Here’s a brief comparison:

Dedicated Server:
Description: A dedicated server is an entire physical server that is exclusively leased to a single client or organization. The client has complete control over the server’s resources, configurations, and software.
Performance: The entire server is dedicated to one user, providing high performance with ample resources like CPU, RAM, and storage.
Customization: Full customization is allowed, granting users to install and configure software and applications as per their specific needs.
Use Cases: This option is ideal for large websites, applications with high traffic, resource-intensive tasks, and businesses requiring specific security and performance requirements.

VPS (Virtual Private Server):
Description: A VPS is a virtualized server created by partitioning a physical server into multiple virtual servers. Each VPS operates independently with its own resources, operating system, and configurations.
Performance: Balancing between dedicated and shared hosting, users get dedicated resources within their virtual environment.
Customization: Users have a high degree of customization but may face limitations due to the virtualization technology and the underlying physical server’s resources.
Use Cases: Suitable for businesses that need more control and resources than shared hosting, but don’t require an entire dedicated server. It effectively handles medium to high traffic websites and applications.

Shared Hosting:
Description: Multiple users share resources (CPU, RAM, storage) on the same server in shared hosting. Each user has their own account and hosted websites, but they share the server’s overall resources.
Performance: Performance can vary due to the shared resources. It is considered the most cost-effective option.
Customization: Limited customization is offered, as server configurations are managed by the hosting provider to ensure stability for all users.
Use Cases: This option is suitable for small to medium-sized websites, blogs, and businesses with lower traffic and resource requirements.

Choosing the right hosting solution ultimately depends on specific needs, budget, and the level of control and performance required for your website or application.

Does WebHost UK offers Managed Windows Servers?

Yes, WebHost UK offers fully Managed Windows Dedicated Servers, Which are monitored, updated, secured, backed-up and client are even helped with free migration.

Where is Webhost UK Data centres located?
Our virtual private servers are available for hosting in London and Phoenix US.
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