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Account / Data Migration request to WebHostUK LTD


Account or data migration services offered by WEBHOSTUK LTD is a courtsey service offered free of charge and does not carry any guarantees.

If transferring from a cpanel host, it is required to have the same amount of free disk space as used disk space. This is required so that full cpanel backups can be generated without errors. If this is not possible, we recommend asking your old host to generate a full cpanel backup for the account and placing this in your home directory.

If you have databases to be moved, you must specifically inform us where and how to access them in the instructions box below.

Do NOT cancel your old hosting account until you have changed DNS and thoroughly inspected your site to ensure everything was transferred properly.


By filling this account migration request form, I here by agree, that WEBHOSTUK LIMITED is offering data or account migration service feature as a courtesy service and is not responsible for any kind of data loss that may happen during the migration of my accounts from my old host to WEBHOSTUK LTD network servers.

If any technical, billing or network problem arise with my OLD hosting provider and their servers during the migration process or pre-migration or post-migration phase, WEBHOSTUK LTD have nothing to do with those problems and are not responsible for any such issues that may delay or make the migration of my data difficult or impossible.

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