could be compromised

George Shaw Dec-10th, 2016 13:25 6 0
Dear ,

Hope you are doing Well!

We are always happy to help you as your hosting account holder, this time it has been noted that your email account/s that could be compromised, which may used for spamming and effect mail server IP reputation, cause to mail server IP reputation and further cause IP blacklist at major RBL's.



To a avoid further major issue I'll request you to change the above emails account/s password to complex password at highest priority in next 24 hours and update the ticket ASAP. Failure to reply in next 24 hours we'll have to change the password for your account security.

It is recommended to create a complex password with alphanumeric characters using both upper and lowercase such as Aa1Bb2Cc3. Additionally, you would want to ensure that you do not use a password related to the domain name or site content.

Should you need more information or help, feel free to contact back, I'll be more than glad to assist you.


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